Bodegas Gómez & Rial

Oza-Teo – D.O. Rias Baixas

Fernando Bermúdez takes charge almost alone of all the tasks and responsibilities of the family-run winery that has the last name of his ancestors: he’s at the same time a committed vintner, a tireless winemaker and an affable salesperson. Like all those who are driven by a passion, his life took a turn nearly 20 years ago when he decided to follow and hold the wine tradition that began the grandparents of the family.
This artisan seeks to reflect in each of his wines the pureness and the varietal expression of the indigenous grape Albariño. The care given to the vineyards, the microclimate of the area and a careful winemaking allow for obtaining Atlantic wines which are extremely aromatic and elegant at the same time.

Location: the winery is located inside the Ulla Valley, at 10 km from Santiago de Compostela (Galicia). Ribeira do Ulla is one of the five sub-areas of the Rias Baixas appellation. The vineyards stretch along the Ulla river (one of the mouths of the Atlantic Ocean), on both sides of it, where plains coexist with mountain areas.
The characteristic microclimate of this valley makes it an ideal place for agriculture: grasslands, orchards, vineyards and beautiful gardens of camellias, to name a few. For its unique beauty, the area is known as the “orchard and garden of Compostela”. The important cultural, gastronomic, architectural, ethnographic and natural heritage around the winery is impressive, as evidenced by the Cape Finisterre or the city of Santiago de Compostela, whose historic center has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The vineyards: the 4 hectares of vineyards of the winery Gómez & Rial grow under a mild climate in winter and warm in summer, with abundant rains that keep a permanent greenery and the necessary sunshine hours for the grapes to fully and correctly develop.
Soils are sandy, shallow and slightly acidic. The vineyards, located on the slopes of the granitic mountains of Ulla Valley, are supported by granite stakes called “bower vine”, that uplift grapes for a better maturation and the taming of the vigor of the plant.
The vines are trellised in the single cordon training system. Daily care in the vineyards ensures the origin and quality of the wines from Gómez & Rial.

Method and philosophy: the handcrafted processes are eco-friendly, with the aim of caring for the grapes and the environment. Throughout the growing season, the vineyards are worked to produce fewer quantity but higher quality grapes. The grapes are selected in the vineyards at the exact moment of perfect balance between sugar and acid content, which ensures the excellent quality of the final product. The harvest is all done by hand in small crates so that the grapes reach the winery in an optimum condition. The soft methods which are employed in the winemaking process permit to preserve the natural qualities of the wine.
Sustainable viticulture is embraced, not using any herbicides at all.

The wines: a limited and qualitative production of modern style Albariño, easy to drink, with many hints and personality. The varietal expression of the Albariño grape is very well defined, with distinguished floral and intense fruity aromas, as well as a fine and prolonged aftertaste and a marked Atlantic character.


Fruity, floral and tasty

Grape variety: Albariño 100%


Fresh, intense and elegant

Grape variety: Albariño 100%
Aging: 3 months on its fine lees