Bodegas Pasiego

Sinarcas – D.O.P. Utiel-Requena

Talking to José Luis Salón reconciles anyone with humanity. A sweet way of looking, a genuine smile, an harmonic modulation accompanying a soft voice that convey to the listener confidence and curiosity for his wines: a good man can not make bad wines.
Since the 90s, he is leading the project of handcrafted wines of the entire family in the altitude of the DOP Utiel-Requena (900 m), having been one of the first to convert the capricious grape variety Bobal, so difficult to tame, in great wines. A lot of faith, a good dose of imagination and tireless work were needed to implement the dream machine and get a very elegant way to express the intensity and power of Bobal. Nowadays, he has surrounded himself with experts such as Richard Smart (one of the leading experts in viticulture in the world) and Mario Malafosse (disciple of Michel Rolland) in his constant pursuit of sublimation, but on a human scale.

Vineyards: the grapes come from the 15 hectares of vineyards of the family in Sinarcas, the last village of Valencia before Cuenca (West of Valencia, 100 km inland). This small town is the second highest of the DOP Utiel-Requena, at 900 m above sea level. The clay-calcareous soils, the altitude and the cold weather of Sinarcas (with long and cold winters that can reach 20ºC below zero and short, hot summers) as well as a wide day-night thermal amplitude, bring great acidity and aromas to the grapes. The orientation and the slight slope North-South as well as the use of the trellis system allow a perfect insolation that guarantees an optimum ripening.

In spots like “La Blasca” and “La Suertes”, Bodegas Pasiego grows indigenous varieties such as Bobal but also Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

Method and philosophy: from the belief that quality wines are made in the vineyards, the aim of Bodegas Pasiego is to make the most of the soil’s ressources, so that a daily check is carried out in the field.
José Luis focuses on obtaining low yields, carrying out plantations with high densities, weak rootstocks and clones and alternating practices as no-till and no fertilizing the parcels, in order the vines have the minimum vigor as possible.
Afterwards, just before the veraison, a cluster thinning is done, leaving each vine perfectly drawn with the right production and distributed along the cord, providing maximum aeration.
This practice, along with the pre-harvest leafless (which provides more sunshine to the cluster) and the exceptional microclimate of Sinarcas, allow a minimum of treatments to the field and grapes, permitting to Bodegas Pasiego to develop eco-friendly practices, not overlooking to be certified, but by pure conviction that it is the right attitude towards the environment.
Harvest by hand in small crates of 15 kg or mechanically and by night for certain varieties, fermentation in small stainless steel tanks of 3000 and 4500 liters, pre-fermentative cold macerations, controlled temperature, long macerations and 30 oak barrels in an air-conditioned basement complete the artisanal process of this winery with soul that gives us every year the gift of between 12000 and 18000 bottles.

Nature and sustainability are the cornerstone of the philosophy of Bodegas Pasiego. The wines are not submitted to aggressive treatments of clarification, stabilization or filtration to preserve its natural qualities. Corks come from sustainable cork oak forests of the Sierra de Espadán in Castellón. All the interventions of Bodegas Pasiego are respectful with nature in their daily concern to respect the earth and transmit to future generations a healthy environment, in order to, among other things, transmits to them the legacy of such a personal winery.

Pasiego La Suertes

Aromatic, intense and tasty.

Grape varieties: Macabeo and Sauvignon Blanc

Pasiego Aurum

Intense, complex and elegant

Grape varieties: Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc
Aging: 7 months in oak barrels on its lees

Pasiego Caesar

Complex, silky and tasty.

Grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Bobal and Merlot.
Aging: 12 months in French, Hungarian and American oak barrels.

Pasiego Bobal

Intense, complex and full-bodied.

Grape varieties: Bobal, Syrah and Merlot.
Aging: 11 months in new and second-year French, Hungarian and American oak barrels.

Pasiego de Autor

Intense, complex and elegant

Grape varieties: Cabernet-Sauvignon, Merlot and Bobal
Aging: 16 months in French, Hungarian and American oak barrels