Celler Bernaví

Vilalba dels Arcs – D.O. Terra Alta

Celler Bernaví is born from the concerns of three young and passionate technicians who were found of everything related with vineyards and wines: the brothers Marco and Gino Bernava and the wife of the first one, Ruth Fullat Sisteré. They were so fascinated by the grape growing and wine production potential of the region of Terra Alta in Tarragona (near Montsant and Priorat) that they decided to start their own Italo-Catalan wine project. They bet on a clearly personal and family approach, recovering indigenous grapes like Garnacha blanca, Garnacha tinta, Moscatel, Samsó (also called Cariñena) and Morenillo, and planting foreign varieties, such as Cabernet Sauvignon or Montepulciano. The result of the union between Italian and Catalan grape varieties and wine-making traditions are unique wines, an interpretation of the Catalan terroir from Terra Alta with elegance in the pure style of the Italian Tuscany: a fine varietal expression, rich in nuances, enriched by the personal touch of these incredible bosom friends.

The domain and the vineyards: Domain Mas Vernet, with a history dating back to 1694, is located North of Vilalba dels Arcs, along the Camino de Berrús that leads to the valley of the Ebro river. It is at 500 meters above sea level, in a prelittoral area where the Mediterranean climate is enriched with the nuances of the characteristic Continental climate of inland Spain: here the wide temperature variations between day and night during the summer, abundant sunshine and low rainfall favors optimal maturation of the grapes.
The cultivation is carried out in quaternary chalky and loamy terraces. There, soils are very deep and generous and rich in lime and gypsum which is the perfect home for the vines that are working sometimes in both extreme as fascinating conditions.
Part of the vineyards of Celler Bernaví is ​​85 years old and is goblet pruned, the other part being young vines planted in espalier, with an optimal orientation to take advantage of sunlight and winds.

Method and philosophy: the climate of the area also allows a vine growing which is extremely respectful for the environment. The viticulture which is practiced by Bernaví is respectful of natural balances, with covering vegetation for organic inputs to the soil, low density planting patterns, integrated vine diseases management and strictly controlled balance between canopy and production in every vine. In this corner of Catalonia, Bernaví has ​​decided to seek synergies between climate, soil, grape varieties and agronomic and oenological techniques to maximize the expression of each variety and characterize the quality of its productions to be true “terroir wines”.
The grapes are selected at veraison and manually harvested by night in small boxes of 15-20 kg at their best moment of maturity.
In the cellar, French and Slavonian oak vats of 3,000 liters are used to respect all primary characteristics of the wines, as well as the harmonization of color and tannins and the integration of the aromas.
The bottling process also respects the natural qualities of the wine, as could not be otherwise in a coherent project that seeks harmony and authenticity.


Fresh, fruity and elegant.

Grape variety: Garnacha blanca 100%
Aging: 2 months on its fine lees


Aromatic, Mediterranean and elegant. 

Grape variety: Garnacha tinta 100%
Aging: 2 months on its fine lees


Fresh, fruity and tasty. 

Grape varieties: Garnacha tinta, Syrah and Merlot
Aging: 8 months on its lees


Powerful, meaty and silky.
Single estate wine. 

Grape varieties: Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon
Aging: 12 months in French oak vats of 3000 liters


Complex, intense and elegant.

Grape varieties: Morenillo and Montepulciano
Aging: 12 months in Slavonian oak vats of 3000 liters

Bernaví MMXI

Spicy, mineral and silky.

Grape varieties: Garnacha tinta, Cabernet and Merlot
Aging: 24 months in French and Slavonian oak vats of 3000 liters