Finca Collado Merlot + Monastrell 2018

Characteristics of the wine: this rosé wine is made with free run juice from the Merlot and a touch of grape bleeding from the Monastrell which is fermented in oak barrel with an extensive use of batonnage. This unique combination of grape varieties and winemaking techniques results in a vivacious, refreshing, fruity wine on the nose and silky on the palate. A Mediterranean character, expressive and elegant at the same time.

Grape varieties: Merlot 85% and Monastrell 15%.
Vineyard: 30 years old Merlot vines, located at Finca Collado, in clay loam-soils. Trellis system and low planting density, with irrigation support with groundwater. Goblet-pruned vines of Monastrell with more than 40 years old.
Altitude: 600 m.

Harvest: by hand in August 2018 (Merlot) and in October 2018 (Monastrell).
Characteristics of the vintage: 2018 was a year with abundant rainfall in winter and spring which was followed by an increasingly dry summer with only a little rain in early September. Maturation was very good for the Merlot and especially for the Monastrell.
Winemaking and aging: the Merlot was pressed and fermented for 15 days at 16°C. Bleeding of the Monastrell directly to the barrel, which was fermented on its lees for two months. Subsequent blend of both grape varieties.
Bottling: February 2019.
Production: 3 867 bottles.
Tasting notes: nice, lively and bright colour. On the nose, the ripe strawberry with notes of jam predominates without being excessively intense. Sweet entry on the palate, leading to an unctuous oiliness, with an excellent acidity that balances the wine perfectly. This balance in the mouth leads to an aftertaste where we feel above all the aromas of red fruits and of the delicacy and elegance of subtle contribution of Monastrell in barrel.
Food pairing: on its own or with appetizers, cold cuts, white meats, seafood and shellfish, vegetables, pasta, rice, fresh fruits and pastries.

Alcohol: 12.5% vol.
Temperature of service: 8-10ºC


75 cl


Box of 6 bottles