D.O.P. Utiel-Requena – D.O.P. Alicante

Vinomaniac is our own brand we make in different Spanish appellations. Handcrafted wines, running away from those industrial and artificial ones with no personality, that are too standardized and with too much wood. As in everything, the key is in a good balance: we make artisanal wines on a small-scale basis, which are intense but light, complex but easy to drink and to understand.

All our domains are sized on a human scale and we make wines in the most natural way possible, respecting also the environment. The result are terroir wines, with character but extremely elegant that are pleasant to everyone.

Altitude wines: the high altitude (from 600 to 900 meters above sea level) and the Mediterranean climate with very pronounced continental features (with long, cold winters and short, hot summers) as well as the wide temperature range, contribute to give to the grapes a good acidity and aromas, during a slow and harmonious ripening. The particular microclimate prevents moisture, refreshes the grape vines and makes that very few treatments are needed on the grapes to be healthy.

The soils and the grapes: the loamy, calcareous or clay soils with complex mineral elements, allow us to produce wines with character and specific nuances of each environment. Only the best grapes from low yields are selected, which guarantees highly expressive wines. We favor the indigenous grape varieties such as Bobal or Monastrell, but also use foreign grapes like Merlot or Sauvignon Blanc if they bring even more refinement to the set. We harvest manually and by night or very early in the morning, so the grapes reach the winery fresh and intact.

Sustainability: we care for the grapes and we care for the environment. The microclimate of each domain protects the vines from the diseases, allowing us to make a minimum of treatments to the fields and to the grapes. All our actions respect Nature in our daily concern to take care of the earth and to transmit to future generations a healthy environment. We act that way not to follow a trend, but by pure conviction that it is the right thing to do.

Winemaking techniques and aging: we disregard aggressive treatments of clarification, stabilization or filtration to preserve all the qualities of the wines. We also take advantage of natural gravity as often as possible to fill the vats, doing without the harmful use of pumps. For the aging, we use wooden vats or large barrels (preferably French oak) in order not to provide excessive wood to the wines, in our constant search for wines which have a perfect balance between fruit and wood.

Vinomaniac is a touching character who lives with passion his love for wine, tasting, experimenting, comparing, but above all, enjoying it. He drinks in moderation but with all senses on alert to savor every sip of a good wine (with the bad one you should’t waste your time).

In the moon

Aromatic, delicate and tasty

Grape varieties: Macabeo and Sauvignon Blanc
Appellation: D.O.P. Utiel-Requena

On the divan

Fleshy, fruity and very expressive

Grape varieties: Merlot, Tempranillo and Bobal
Aging: 10 months in French oak barrels (fine grain and light toast from Allier forest)
Appellation: D.O.P. Utiel-Requena

By night

Tasty, complex and elegant

Grape varieties: Monastrell
Aging: 11 months in new French oak barrels of 300 liters
Appellation: D.O.P. Alicante